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“We are in business to challenge the status-quo.
Docks should not be considered just a place to park a boat;
but rather a multi-use focal point that enhances
our experience and love of the water.”
Jack Richardson

Richardson Docks and Floats

We supply Pontoon Docks and Floats at any length for Your Project

  • Ice Resistant
  • Docks
  • Rafts
  • Barge projects
  • Boat House Projects
  • Floating walkways and Bridges
  • Specialized Engineered Requirements

Richardson Docks – We Can Deliver

  • Completely assembled docks
  • DIY easy assemble packages
  • Pontoon Floats only 2’x12″ at any length
  • Pontoon Floats only 2’x22″ at any length
  • Project hardware and peripherals

Delivered On-Site – Installed – And Do-It-Yourself Packages

Richardson Docks warehouse completed docks, individual pontoon floats, DIY (do it yourself) packages and peripherals for most regions of Ontario and Northern Michigan (upper peninsula)

  • Ottawa
  • Kingston
  • Sharbot Lake Region
  • Pembroke Region
  • Nipissing Region
  • Timmins Region
  • Sudbury Region
  • Sault Ste Marie Region
  • Chapleau Wawa Region

At Richardson Docks we can arrange special deliveries to the far North or isolated communities, resorts and lodges or development projects

Building Contractors

If you are building contractor that does local dock projects give us a call. We have a contractor re-seller program that will be of interest to you. We can supply you with additional materials and hardware also if needed.

Bring us Your Project

Our pontoon dock floats can be custom made to match your project need. Whether it’s 6 feet or 60 feet we can deliver an economical solution to your build.

Large Capacity Floats

If you require more flotation or extra height off the water for your floating pontoon docks, we also have a standard sized 2 foot wide x 22 inch high pontoon float. Like the 12 inch float, this typically comes in a 16 feet length, however, they can be made longer or shorter to match your requirements.

Typically these bigger pontoons are used for commercial applications or the cottage/home owner with a larger boat or special need.  If you are considering a boat house or floating building these make an excellent maneuverable floating support.


Richardson Docks Ice Resistant
Winter Docks

One of the most appreciated features of our floating pontoon docks is their durability. Made to withstand normal ice conditions you never have to remove them from the water.

Richardson Docks – Custom Built

At Richardson Docks we custom build all of our floats.  Whatever length or configuration of support your project requires, please consider calling us.

We are now booking orders for the 2016 season. Please email us with your requirements. Give us your exact location so we plan on a delivery schedule. As long as there is a public access to your lake or river, we should be able to deliver your floating pontoon docks.

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